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You are cordially invited to

The Last Bookstore Standing
A Reception and Silent Auction Benefiting
Common Language Bookstore
Thursday, April 14th
5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Our good friend, Susan Horowitz at Between The Lines likes to point out that there is the for-profit world, the non-profit world, and the unprofitable world.

Bookstores have belonged to that last category for a while now. And for some reason LGBT and feminist bookstores have been hit particularly hard. There are 13 feminist-Identified bookstores and about 10 LGBT-identified bookstores left in the United States and Canada. A few of them (like ourselves) carry both identities, so between the two there are only about 18 left altogether.

We have held two "Last Bookstore Standing" fundraisers in the past. They have helped us make it this far. In fact, things had been looking up a little bit. We haven't held on in two years.

While we limp along, we are unable to make any investments which will help us survive into the future. We are dedicating this edition of our fundraiser to improving our technology infrastructure. Specifically:

Our computer was last replaced when we moved into the current space in January, 2005.

Out Point-Of-Sale Software was also last upgraded at the time of that computer purchase. The version we are using wouldn't even run on a newer computer.

Website development. Our current website has a front-end which is designed on software from 2003. While it is dated, much worse is the backend is an ancient shopping cart system. Not only does it look dated, its functionality is limiting us. With the other upgrades in place we will be able to plug-in to a back-end designed for independent booksellers which will allow us to sell nearly any book online, as well many e-books.

A big part of this event is our Literary Silent Auction. We have contacted many authors who have some sort of connection to the bookstore. Here is what is in the store so far:

In addition, we have theater tickets from local author (and actor) Roy Sexton. We have THREE character names to auction from Greg Herren and Jessie Chandler, some editing from David Pratt, and there are more books on the way!

(I will post a complete list a week before the event, along with instructions for bidding on a few special items we will be putting online).

Authors believe in the value of independent bookstores in general, and Common Language in particular. They have stepped forward and donated in a big way. We are so grateful.

Now YOU can help us prepare for a long and sustainable future. Please consider attending. If you can't attend, consider buying a ticket in absentia. Tickets are only thirty-five dollars, but will help us build a future for at least one of these last remaining Feminist and LGBT Bookstores. Tickets may be purchased at Common Language or online at